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Hallo Nicole Ich habe dein Öl das ich für meine Haluxoperation verwende jeden Tag in Gebrauch. Ich muss sagen es hat mir von Anfang an geholfen. Die Narben sind schnell verheilt und ganz weich geworden. Die Narbe beim Hammerzehen ist ein bisschen schlimmer da dauert es bestimmt noch ein wenig länger. Danke für deine Hilfe. Liebe Grüße vom Millstätter See.

Ilse G.

I have used essential oils by Little Leaf a few times for my kids as well as for myself and I am more than happy!

Both my kids had a severe cold recently and the doc suggested antibiotic again since they had it more than two weeks. My daughter woke up with the worst sore throat in the middle of the night and I applied the mixed oil directly on the throat, which ment to be pain soothing and taking the inflammation out. After two days she was fine and I was really impressed how fast and great it worked. I have also used it for my son who is only 22 months and had Bronchitis. I applied Nicoles oil to the chest, back and his feet frequently and he got much better quickly.

I can highly recommened Little Leaf! Nicole is very helpful at any time and knows what she is talking about! I find it a great alternative to the way too often subscribed antibiotic here. Julia S.

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine utilizing essential oils. Aromatherapy is based entirely on the powers of natural essential oils. These oils are absorbed into the bloodstream through application to the skin or inhalation.

Aromatherapy offers diverse physical and psychological benefits, depending on the essential oil combination and method of application used. Some common medicinal properties of essential oils used in aromatherapy include: analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antispasmodic, expectorant, diuretic, and sedative. Essential oils are used to treat a wide range of conditions, including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal discomfort, skin conditions, menstrual pain and irregularities, stress-related conditions, mood disorders, circulatory problems, respiratory infections , and wounds . Each essential oil has unique molecules with incredible properties that trigger a certain pharmacological effect without the need of medications.

Aromatherapy is used in a wide range of settings. It can used to:


- relieve pain

- improve the mood and promote a sense of relaxation

- relieve anxiety, stress and depression

- reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

- strengthen the immune system

- helps with respiratory ailments

- help with digestion problems (colic, wind and constipation)

- relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause

- improve breast feeding outcomes


Aromaoiltherapy can be useful for, babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults in different stages of there life to maintain a healthier body and mind. 


All base oils that I use are gentle cold-pressed and organic. All essential oils that I use are from the best quality only. They are:

- 100% natural and unchanged

- Single-origin, containing just the oil from the plants indicated

- No artificial or synthetic additives

- Not diluted with any other botanicals

- All plant-based, without any animal-based aromas

- Extracted form the cleanest spring water from the German Alp

- Faire trade



Whether you would like to discuss a health concern, or if you are new to aromatherapy and would like some general information on how to use essential oils, or are looking for a professional advice than the Aromatherapy Consultation is right for you. An aromatherapy consultation is made up of several steps: holistic aromatherapy assessment, assessment review, treatment design and orientation and follow up. Understanding what to expect from your consultation can help you make the most of your appointment. 

The First – Initial Consultation takes about 30 minutes – 45 minutes. At this consultation I will ask you about your medical history and symptoms and all relevant details to get an detailed health profile. This includes information on current symptoms, previous illnesses, general health history, and any medications or supplements taken. This is necessary for me not only to determine whether certain essential oils are contraindicated by their medical conditions or drug regimens. Based on the information I've collected I am able to create you an individual treatment (mixture, air-spray, aromatic inhalation blend...). 

In the Follow up Consultation (about 15 minutes - 30 minutes) I will give you all needful information about your individual mixture an instruction how to use it. If there are any questions which I haven't already answered, I will answer. All blends and products are designed for your individually needs and does have unique characteristics (skin type, preferred method of application, carrier oil...) 


Each product is accompanied with a detailed description of the product and directions for use. The prescribe use of the mixture is very important to achieve optimum results. While minor or acute problems will often resolve in a few weeks, chronically issues may take longer.

Depending on the condition and treatment regime, I will follow up within a couple of days to a week. Depending on the condition and regime, this follow up can take place over the phone or in person. It gives the opportunity to check up on whether the client is uncomplaint, and if not, why not. Sometimes the treatment needs to be adjusted. Additional reviews and treatment adjustments are not uncommon as they help to achieve an optimum outcome.

"With medicine, you have side effects but with aromatherapy, you have great effects.” Review about my Aromatherapy Consultation:


Aromatherapy Consultation Dubai
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